We are an international Asmodian legion on Antriksha EU server and we are active since October 13th, 2009 (Perento). It consists of casual and semi-hardcore players. Currently, the legion’s level is 8 and the legion is ranking first on the server. We focus on both PvE and PvP, and we like to create legion events often enough, in order to help each other and have fun. Among our countless achievements, we are among the fewest legions in all Aion EU/NA/Korea, if not the only, to have conquered under our name every single Fortress in Atreia. We have been the league leading legion for the longest time on the server and we have managed to maintain a respectable balance and rank all those years. Read more…

Legion Rules

Every social group has a set of rules which represent and define the members of the group. These are our rules we follow.
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The legion is on recruitment for new people. Are you interested in joining us and becoming a part of our family?
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You can contact us any time of any day for any reason and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Just hit the link below!
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